Using SSH to Connect to Classweb2

Download SSH

*** You must use a secure SSL connection to download this software. Please be sure to include the "BUS" domain name along with your username as in the following example ***

Download the SSH zip file

Download Login

Install SSH

  1. Unzip the file and extract the install exe to your machine.
  2. Run the install program.

Launch and Connect to Classweb2

  1. Click on the icon on your desktop that was created called "SSH Secure File Transfer Client". A window will appear like the one below.

    SSH Start window
  2. Select the "Quick Connect" button to access the connection dialog box and type the following:

       Host name:
       User name: bus\[Your MSB/If id here]
       Port Number: 22
       Authentication method: Password

    Should look like this:

    SSH login
  3. Type in your Password:

    Enter your password
  4. Once connected you will be able to browse the classweb2 folder like below:

    Classweb2 Browse

Uploading Files

  1. Drag and Drop
  2. To upload files click on the toolbar icon that looks like an arrow pointing up UP. It will open a window where you should find the document you want to upload to your personal folder. After you select a file, you may get a message saying that an error was encountered while transferring your file. If that happens, follow the following instructions: